Invisible Strategy  beckah terlouw

We partner with Invisible Strategy on team building and development as well as youth leadership and millennial engagement.  Beckah Terlouw is a skilled expert in team     development, using Real Colors® and Strengths Based workshops, strategic planning processes, youth leadership development, and engaging millennial.



Tara Zagofsky, Ph.D.  tara zagofsky

We partner with Tara and the UC Davis Center for Collaboration on community and stakeholder meeting facilitation, especially in multi-cultural and Spanish speaking  contexts.  Tara has practiced and taught Asset Based Community Development in North and South America and is skilled at helping diverse interests identify and build on  their common interests.


Dan Duncan  dan duncan

Dan is a member of the ABCD Institute Faculty and has decades of experience applying and teaching the principles and practices of ABCD.  Dan is especially skilled at  working with funders, large agencies and local governments.  We like to partner with Dan when groups are interested in combining asset based approaches with Results  Based Accountability  and/or Collective Impact work.


Youth Development Network (YDN) and Adrian Ruizydn adrian

Pacific Community Solutions has partnered with YDN and Adrian Ruiz to create powerful youth leaders since 2006.  With YDN we have worked with adults to better  equip and prepare them to support strong youth leadership, and we have trained hundreds of youth to use effective, local, social change practices to improve their own  communities.