2% for racial justice

We only do work that we believe will contribute to social and racial justice. We also believe it is important to share the financial benefits and resources that come from our work. Pacific Community Solutions dedicates a minimum of 2% of our gross revenue to support racial justice.

We primarily do this through donations to a scholarship fund for students of color dedicated to working for social and racial justice during and after their undergraduate studies at California Lutheran University. We believe that achieving and maintaining racial justice requires all of us, but will ultimately be led by People of Color. We think that investing in these students is the best way we can expand the impact of our work and share wealth.

If you would like to join us in supporting these students please go here and select the “Peace and Social Justice Scholarship” from the ‘Designation’ drop down menu. To learn more about California Lutheran’s Center for Equality and Justice, click here.

We share our revenue with a variety of people and organizations conducting antiracism at the institutional and policy levels here in San Diego County, as well as environmental justice organizations like Surfrider Foundation and immigrant rights organizations like San Diego Immigrant Relief Fund providing bond funds for detained families so they can reunite with each other.

Finally we regularly support Color of Change and Native Land Digital and the work they do to raise awareness and create justice.


We invite you to check out these organizations and their great work!

Like drops of water in a wave, we hope these small efforts will join with others to create lasting impacts.