Open Trainings

 The following training events are open to the general public to attend.

Understanding the Politics of Policy

NeighborWorks Training Institute  Register Here

May 25-26 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Community builders and organizers assist and support communities to create the future they want.  Sometimes that future needs help from an “act of Congress,” or the City Council, or planning commission, or school board, or any number of bodies that make policy for the public.  This course explores who makes the policies that affect our communities, how policies are made, and what roles individuals and organizations can play in influencing policy – the politics of policy.


Community Engagement and Neighborhood Revitalization: Measuring its Impact 

NeighborWorks Training Institute  Register Here

August 14-17 2016   (Philadelphia)

Measurement in the community development field is often elusive, if not forgotten.  As an action, measurement is often left until the end of the project, which diminishes its value and impact on our work and our communities.  Yet, as Peter Block points out, “The useful aspect of measurement is that it helps us make explicit our intentions and can be a strategy for learning.” This three-day class will explore how to determine what we measure when doing ABCD work, how to measure it and how to use measurement as a strategy for learning, celebrating, communicating and empowering.